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Our patient offer

"THE" solution to daily monitor your health online


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All you need to know before subscribing

Our answers to your frequently asked questions  /  Prices


What benefits for me when I use the tools of the Members Area of Mood Institute?

Our Members Area does not exist anywhere else !

Our solutions are made primarily to help each patient member of the Institute in their everyday life.

The strength of our tools is that they were designed by the patients themselves: that is why they are simple, fun and ergonomic, so adapted to your needs. 

As a Member of the Mood Institute, you have the following tools to monitor your health in a few minutes each evening:

  • Your mood agenda, helps you to evaluate your daily mood (self-evaluation) through graphics that you can print. Someone close to you can help you and participate to this evaluation
  • Your physiological data dashboard, helps you to track important health parameters (sleep, treatment, stimulants, alcohol, physical activity, weight, ...) all indicators to be monitored in order to learn to anticipate crises
  • Your daily diary is very useful to express yourself. It also lets you record all the important information you need before seeing your doctor (emotions, context, side effects, aggravating factors or calming factors, ...)
  • Your alerts, help you to develop good habits, and warn you, (and anyone you choose in your close relatives), when you forget to do your daily monitoring
  • Your list of doctors, you can share some information with the physicians of your choice

>  The tools of the Mood Institute are... " Your memory! "

They allow you to better manage your symptoms but also to better communicate with your doctor.

Tools and services of the Mood Institute help you to find and to maintain the stabilization of your state of health.

They help you to better communicate with your doctors who then have more reliable information to better adjust to your treatments.


Bipolar disorder, depression : e-healthcare - web services - mood monitoring - care management tools


Why choose to be a member of the Mood Institute?

By becoming a Member of Mood Institute, you make the decision to be more active and more involved in your own health management.

Our tools help you to: 

  • manage your health and your symtoms everyday
  • understand the mechanisms of disease
  • learn to identify the warning signs to anticipate crises
  • stabilize your mood in a sustainably way
  • communicate better with your doctor


The Members Area of Mood Institute is much more than online tools: it is also a very human team to help and a place for exchange and sharing.

By becoming a Member of Mood Institute, you can also:

  • call and request information, advice
  • break isolation and exchange ideas with other people understanding your situation
  • participate in our "Club of users"
  • discuss your professional future
  • find advice and guidance on your artistic talents

Bipolar disorder, depression : e-healthcare - web services - mood monitoring - care management tools


Who is involved in Mood Institute's project?

The Institute is the result of an initiative of patients and people from their entourage.

Physicians from the medical and scientific committee of Mood Institute has an advisory role, and support this health 2.0 innovative project from the beginning.

Our site is accredited by the HON-HAS (Health On Net) since 2009. This demonstrates our willingness to publish useful, objective and correct health information.

The Mood Institute is supported by many health professionals who recognize the complementary role of our services, and rate them as Continuing Psycho-education and Therapeutical Education tools.


Why Mood Institute is not an association?

The Mood Institute's founders wanted to demonstrate that patients and their close relatives are able to create and manage a social enterprise. We have chosen alternative and innovative business models when too many people expect everything from the state or sponsorship.

Our Institute is therefore positioned as a social entrepreneur: with an ethical approach, maintaining financial independence, we want to give the greatest number of patients, at a moderate cost, the possibility to move towards stability and to maintain it. This makes it a tool of Continuing Psycho-Education and Therapeutical Education.

Like any social enterprise, making profits is not the first goal of the Mood Institute, but just a mean to its societal project: finding ways to help as many patients as possible, and facilitating the employment of stabilized people suffering from mood disorders, and finally, encouraging creative people to develop their talents.


Bipolar disorder, depression : e-healthcare - web services - mood monitoring - care management tools

Why not free?

You should know that most of free e-health solutions available on the Web require you to answer dozens of questions: their purpose is to accumulate as much information as possible and then to sell them, especially to pharmaceutical industry. Some other free  e-health services are financed by advertising. 

We are proud to have resisted the pressures from the beginning: our site has no advertising, and we sell no data.

Indeed, for maximum comfort of the users and to avoid any "pollution", the Mood Institute has chosen to display no advertising at all, and mention no medication. This choice is strong and that independence has a price. 

Thus, for years and until now, the Mood Institute has not used any grant or financial assistance from any industrial or any company whatsoever. The Mood Institute operates from the beginning only with the equity of the founders.

As you will understand, the main source of income for the institute is based solely on subscriptions.

Also note that our prices and formulas have been defined with the help of a group of patients. We made a point of honour to make our formulas more affordable. In this spirit, we offer the possibility of monthly payments.

Behind the Mood Institute, there are women and men, and above all a team of patients who have been involved for years to help the others.

By paying a subscription fee, each member brings his contribution and support for this international initiative.

Your subscription fees give us the means to progress, and also help us to create jobs within the institute, jobs that can be offered to stabilized patients.


Why it is important for the patient to pay for those services?

" What costs nothing is worth nothing " Dr. Manfred Lütz - Psychiatrist and theologian

We have made various tests on free formulas, and they all have demonstrated a lack of commitment over time: when it is free, the involvement of the patient quickly reaches its limits. In most cases gratuity leads to a rapid demobilization and an abandonment of the willing after only a few weeks.

This is one reason why visits to the psychotherapist and many sessions of psychoeducational groups have to be paid.

From the moment that he/she pays, the patient signs a contract with him/herself to better manage his/her health on a daily basis.

To pay means commitment, and it reflects the involvement and empowerment of the patient, day after day in his/her monitoring in order to progress, to get and remain stabilized over the years.

The Mood Institute gives you the opportunity to get involved in your health over time, with a modest but essential financial participation reflecting your willingness and your commitment.

Bipolar disorder, depression : e-healthcare - web services - mood monitoring - care management tools

Important statistics

85 %  of subscribers have chosen a formula for 1 year or more.

94 %  of people who have first tested our solutions during 1 or 3 months, have decided to subscribe for 1 or 2 years.

91 %  of subscribers for 1 or 2 years, are satisfied or very satisfied with the help provided by our monitoring solutions.

 100 %   of subscribers for 1 or 2 years have understood why it was important to pay a reasonable price to feel involved and committed in a process of regaining control of their health.


Our prices :


Pass Stability+ 2 years :
14.90 €/month
Save 62% on the normal monthly rate
+ 2 free month(s) (*)
Pass Stability 1 year :
19.90 €/month
50% saving on the normal monthly rate
+ 1 free month(s) (*)
Pass Liberty 3 months :
29.90 €/month
25% saving on the normal monthly rate
Pass Discovery 1 month :
39.90 €/month
Normal rate of reference
(*) Valid only for 1 time cash payment



Bipolar disorder, depression : e-healthcare - web services - mood monitoring - care management tools


** Reader information : This section is mostly inspired of real-life experiences, and was written by the editorial staff of the Mood Institute, exclusively composed with patients - The members of the Medical and Scientific Committee are regularly asked to provide an advisory opinion - Last update : 03/25/2012



05/14/2010 - 15:58 Hello! Thank you for creating those very useful graphic tools where we can also add our comments.
Until now, I had tried to carry out the monitoring of my disorders on a sheet of paper, then on a spreadsheet, but I could never stick to it.
Your tools are very useful and exactly what I was looking for.
They are also nice and it is therefore now a pleasure to do my mood monitoring every evening. And it makes me feel good to express in writing what I feel. It's also practical to print my graphics and my Daily Diary to discuss with my psychiatrist, even if memory fails me.
The Mood Institute has really created user-friendly, simple and effective tools, I can only recommend to every people with mood disorders who understand how much it is important to have a daily mood monitoring for stabilizing themselves !

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