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Organize your ideas

Discover the Mind Mapping : a great tool for organizing your ideas: 

Give the Power to your Brain - Express your creativity!

Because we need to manage the scattering and the explosion of ideas, we looked for tools to get organized ... and we found a Mind Mapping Software

Here are kind of graphic that can be created with these tools !...



The Mind Mapping is truly unique for its numerous and different uses. Mind Mapping software helps you to  clarify your thinking and to organize your ideas in a graphical and intuitive way.


Those very simple software, for everyone, will help to manage the overflow of information and thus freeing your mind to better use your time. The benefits of Mind Mapping affect both your Professional and Personal life.


Best benefits of Mind Mapping software according to users

  • Clarity of thinking
  • Improved communication
  • Managing the overflow of information
  • Improving productivity

As we know that many of you would enjoy these "creative" tools, we negociated with the European distributor : We have obtained a special discount for all of us... ( coupon code :  MOOD2012   )


On the website of the distributor  you can download and try the software for free during 30 days. Feel free to try the different versions. Have a look to the slide show and the many examples available in the Downloads section to get an idea of all you can do with this software.

Within the Institute we are all using the Novamind Platinum Edition of these tools.

If you want to buy a license, simply use the Coupon CodeMOOD2011  to get a special discount. 

Try this software and tell us what you think by email at creativity (AT) .

Other examples of what you can create with this tool ...

The only limit is your imagination !...







** Reader information : This section is mostly inspired of real-life experiences, and was written by the editorial staff of the Mood Institute, exclusively composed with patients - The members of the Medical and Scientific Committee are regularly asked to provide an advisory opinion - Last update : 03/25/2012


05/02/2010 - 01:38 This Mind Mapping tool is simple to use and quite suitable to me to organize my ideas ... so that I took the reflex to use it regularly, especially in creative up phase.
Thank you for this amazing tool!

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