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Your testimonials
The 25/03/2010 20:04 by Testimonials Patient

"It suddenly clicked in my head!" by Frederick

In a television serie, I heard someone who said that he suffered from bipolar disorders at a session of group therapy. It suddenly clicked in my head ! 

I grabbed the dictionary, opened the internet connection, and finally, after visiting several sites, I discovered the Mood Institute website. I opened a topic, I think it was on professional re-employment, I rode the heading and the comments.

I recognized myself in the description of mood disorders. I left a comment in a few lines (I put more than one hour to write ...) that finally had nothing to do in here but it was too late,  the “click” was made ... then I disconnected my computer.
 The same evening I had a very cordial mail from the founder, Laurent COUSSIRAT, which made me feel better.

Since then, I decided to take myself into control and consult a specialist in mood disorders. I know that this is essential to take my place in the society to recover equilibrium and find my place which should be probably somewhere. I already have visited a large part of the website and I am now reassured that I am not alone and that so much listening, help and support could be proposed to me.

Special thank to  Laurent COUSSIRAT again for his humanity, his involvement and support in my all necessary steps.


"I found your site ... and I cried while I was reading it ..." by DM

I found your website - after many days (months? Years?) of research ... and I cried while I was reading it ... I cried  because I have finally glimpsed a semblance of hope ... Torn by a disease that prevents me from finding an anchor on Earth, I skimmed off Internet in research of a solution, a place where my numerous talents, (judging by what I am 
told...) talents which could find an application that allows me to survive. 

And your website is the first one where I found such a researched hope : to live with my work in staying what I am. Because that’s the first website that deals with the individual affected by "a strange illness", and considers him like a PERSON.
 Full member of the society, bearing my own ressources, I’m an economic player ... 

I like your website because it clearly announces its goals: it proposes a program for re-employment in its core objectives. You also propose appropriate monitoring tools (can we imagine a mood stabilization without a socioprofessional stabilization?). 
It is also one of the few sites that recognizes and shows to advantage the artistic talent as a vector of rehabilitation. 
It is also the first site which already establishes - already by its name! - an open-mindedness, by refusing to classify persons by their diagnosis. By the characteristic of "strange pains" (or simply scarce pains) it is often precisely the difficulty to establish one diagnosis... Then, the "unidentified individual" is not only condamned to be wandered to search their name but also to search a “tribe” which would be theirs. But where is "unidentified individuals’  tribe “? 

Without any doubt here, where you can call up until 23h, the time when usually people sleep, but where creativity is just awaking ... Here, where you can find a real listening and understanding, without judgement.  And the most important thing (at the risk of repeating myself!) where we can find a perspective. 

So let’s this project live and be developped ! And let’s bring our stone to the building and support this initiative.


"My cyclothymia..." Christian tells ...

"It's been about ten years I was chronically depressed, punctuated by some periods where I could feel almost normal. 

Yet there was never any major event that would explain the intensity of the emotional states I was in.
 Until now, I didn’t have the instruction manual to manage my life for the good reason that my emotions were always more important than everything else. 
I found so increased energy  and pleasure during these moments of "happiness" and states of euphoria as much as I missed  energy during my "down", when I felt depressed. My social and professional life looked like a discontinuous line, hard to concentrate my efforts to complete a project, follow through an activity 
or maintain a friendship or a romantic relationship. 

In the last ten years, I have lived in four different places, moved three times in three years in the same city. I told myself that by changing my environment and my acquaintances, I would feel better, that the cause of my problems was external. Only it was always myself  that I moved along with my luggage.

It was necessary that my suicidal ideation become recurrent to the point where I no longer thought of the people whom I loved, for me to understand that my sessions of classic psychotherapy provided me only with passive listening, without really being able to translate this into action and manage my life.

Even if they allowed me to better understand certain of my behaviors, they did not explain my profound despair. 

I did not refuse life but just the life that I was living : being in a moving elevator, which stopped on the ground floor from time to time, without being able to make it goes up an down, or worse, on a series of roller coasters without being able to get off.

There are about six months, I saw an interview about mood disorders. I recognize myself in the descriptions of mood disorders and it made me feel better to put a name on my illness: bipolar cyclothymic. 

I decided then to consult a psychiatrist for looking after myself.

Since then, I have been taking medication in which the doses have been adjusted little by little until the symptoms of depression have faded away considerably.

I felt the effects of the medications after several weeks. I got up in the morning without damning the day to come, I was able to concentrate about three to four hours on my work (before more than one hour would have been an exploit) and, most importantly, I could feel that impulse that allows you to go forwards and even better, to approach others. 
I will never be cured of my bipolarity, for the only reason that for me it is not an illness, but more my temperament, as I like to say. I am learning to manage it better and better with the medications and advice.

I hope that these few lines will help you….

Christian H.


03/01/2010 - 16:55 I discovered my cyclothymia a few months ago. My brother is hyperactive, nervous and hyper sensitive, my father was so nervous from day to day, my grandmother was manic depressive, my mother is an anxious, hyperactive and hyper sensitive person and my grandfather was alcoholic!!
As you can see, I start with "good basis" ;-)... If bipolarity is not hereditary, it is clear that there is probably a fertile ground according to the family story.
My wife has a lot of patience. We often talk together and honestly, after 11 years together, I understand that this is also heavy for her.
I realize that with the age (43 years), for advancing with serenity in my life, I must treat this disease.
Your web site provides very valuable information and encourages me to continue my efforts.
Your capacity of listening is also very appreciable.
02/16/2010 - 11:32 Congratulations for your web site that I’m discovering !
I am a strong supporter of psychoeducation, particularly in regard to bipolar disorder.
I am also a health professional, specifically a clinical psychologist.
Your initiative interests me : I live in the provincial France but it is possible that we exchange in Paris.
02/15/2010 - 12:24 I am 55 years old and I've just been diagnosed attenuated bipolar (cyclothymic). I have started my treatment and I am a bit lost. I would like to exchange impressions on this state of health.
Best regards

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